Anchors with European Approval Certificate (ETA)

Disc anchor FIXPLUG–10 with a pre-mounted plastic pin for fixing heat-insulating plates in the contact insulation system – ETICS.


Anchor: polyethylene
Pin: polyamide reinforced with glass fibres


  • Pre-mounted pin
  • The function of telescope allows trouble-free
    anchoring under the surface of the insulating
    material, eliminates pin breaking
  • For fixing heat-insulating plates made of
  • Application in concrete, solid and hollow
    ceramic and silicate bricks (A, B, C)
  • Anchoring depth 50 mm
  • Anchor diameter 10 mm
  • Disc diameter 60 mm

Installation tips:

  • The anchor is a push-through installation.
  • Non-load bearing layers, such as adhesive
    and/or old render are to be included in the
    anchor‘s useful length.
  • Driving the nail into the anchor shaft causes the
    anchor to expand in the base material.
  • Temperature range when installed: -40°C to