Aluminium Base Profile 

Thickness: 1 mm Width: 50 mm Length:2,5 m

LO base profile (also indicated as a starting or socle profile) including a drip ledge used for horizontal set-up of thermal insulating plates in the contact insulation system – ETICS.


Natural aluminium, alloyed.


  • Horizontal set-up of insulation material
  • Perfect structural and visual finish and closure
    of the system
  • System protection against mechanical damage
  • Rainwater draining off the system, prevention of
    any capillary rise under insulation material.

Installation tips:

Place the LO base profile to the wall, align with a spirit-level and mark places to drill holes for anchors

Do not use impact drilling for hollow bricks to prevent inner brick partitions from breaking – the anchor would not hold in the masonry

The distance of the hammer-in anchors from each other, preferably ZHH with mushroom head, should be approx. 30 to 50 cm 

• Insert the anchor through the hole in the profile into the predrilled, sufficiently deep and clean hole in the masonry

Fix the profile by hammering a steel screw in the anchor

• To prevent the profile from distorting due to uneven masonry, use spacers for installation

• Base profiles are joined to one another using base profile joint units .