Drip edge Window Profile 

Mesh dimension: 100×100 mm Length:2,5 m

VLT plastic window profile with an exposed (visible) drip ledge for finishing plaster and water drain-off at the top jambs of building openings in the contact insulation system – ETICS. The profile is also designated as a balcony profile.


UV-stable and alkali-proof PVC, fibre glass reinforcement mesh ETAG 004


  • Reinforcement of window or door jamb corners at the top edge of the building opening
  • Provides water drain-off from the system, eliminates capillary rise along the top jamb, and also defrosting of plaster in winter
  • Unexposed drip edge, under-plaster profile
  • Reinforcement of corners and water drain-off
    from balconies or terraces
  • Protection of corners against mechanical
  • Prevents hairline cracking
  • Creating an ideally straight edge

Installation tips:

  • Insert the window profiles with fibre glass reinforcement mesh only in a building adhesive applied in advance on the insulating material surface
  • Place the profile on the insulating material corner, press in the adhesive and align with the level
  • Then press also the reinforcement mesh in the adhesive on the sides of the profile
  • Wipe off the adhesive that has been pressed out over the mesh and level with a metal float
    Coat the profile mesh gradually into the building adhesive.