PVC Corner Profile 

Mesh dimension: 100×100 mm Length:25 m

LK Box with a variable angle and roll package of 25 m for reinforcing all window or door corners, edges and jambs in the contact insulation system – ETICS.


Alkali-proof PVC
Fibre glass reinforcement mesh ETAG 004.


  • Reinforcement of window or door corners, edges and jambs
  • Protection of corners against mechanical
  • damage
  • Prevents hairline cracking
  • Creates an ideally straight corner
  • Profile without exposed edge – under plaster.

Installation tips:

  • Shorten the flexible corner to the required length and before installation preliminary bend it to the required angle so that it does not press out of the adhesive due to shape memory when applying the coating.
  • Insert the profile in a building adhesive applied in advance on the insulating material surface
  • Place the profile on the insulating material corner, press in the adhesive and align with a spirit-level
  • Then press also the reinforcement mesh in the adhesive on one side of the profile
  • Wipe off the adhesive that has been pressed out over the mesh and level with a metal float
  • After the adhesive is partly cured, press and coat the mesh on the other side of the profile
  • Gradually coat the entire profile into the adhesive